Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another run-down

I am tired. Tired of the political ads that are every other commercial every time I want to watch TV. Tired of Feeling sorry for poor Sarah Palin because the poor girl doesn't have a chance against all these big-time (and at some times extremely hostile) media peoples. Tired of getting up at 6:00 every morning. Tired of seemingly everyone I know (yes, I'm including YOU in here too, Missy! :) ) going to San Diego and it looks like my planned trip is disappearing by the moment (THANK YOU, crappy economy. Thank you so much for saving me from getting away from the frozen tundra in January. Lord knows I would have been miserable parked on the beach whilst everyone here was in their winter coats. You have truly saved my life.)

But! I am getting really good grades in school. I'm not quite sure how to react to it all. I haven't seen a report card with only A's and B's since I was in 7th grade (this was before I hated running and anything else that involved sweating and so I would get A's in P.E.). If this keeps up, I just might make the Dean's list. And then, I will be treating myself to something big. Not sure what it is yet, but it's gonna be big.

So, anyway, the real reason I'm posting is because there is a cool website that is giving away FREE purses for 24 hours in a couple of weeks. I looked, they are gorgeous. And I have not bought myself a new purse in a very, very, long time. Unlike some other people *cough* BSG *cough*. Even though I would really like to win, I also think it would be fun to at least KNOW someone who won. So go to here and enter. Even if you happen to be a boy reading this (really, does anyone even bother here anymore? It's not like I'm posting with any sort of regularity), what better way to surprise your significant other than a handbag that looks like you spent beaucoup bucks on it. I'm not sure about YOUR ladyfriends, but I know in MY house, my significant other would be rewarded handsomely for getting me a purse. So, go enter. Right now. I'll maybe blog again in another month. Or twelve. Whatever.

I am tired.


Anonymous said...

look! if you post, people leave comments! ;)

i love you, sweetie. i wish i could have taken you to san diego with me -- we could have just dropped you off on the beach and picked you up on saturday and you'd have been a happy girl. :) good luck on getting to go!!

i will email you (eventually) to tell you the story i promised. it's a sorta long one, so i'm trying to carve out a chunk of time. ;)

i'm super proud of you for doing so well in school!! Yay Glam! the other day my mom and i were talking about the state of all things economical and how uh, i might not GET any money for school, since, you know, no one wants to lend any. let's hope that crap goes on the upswing between now and NEXT september, shall we? sigh.

take a nap. ;)


courtney said...

i am still here! that is what feed readers are for!

congrats on the grades!
YAY for new purses. i hope one goes to you and one comes to me. bsg? eh. forget. she's got three new ones. who needs THREE new purses? well... i would take 'em, i suppose. but i am poor. you and me, sister.

also, i just blogged about hating winter already, and its not even winter. it's gonna be a hard one. ack.

jen said...

somehow you disappeared off my blogroll...I thought you majically did it for some reason.
God just brought me here this morning.