Thursday, October 09, 2008

Embarassing Moments

It occurred to me that in my rash of tiredness, I forgot to tell you about my stellar first day as a student here at the college. I had put much thought into my back-to-school clothes shopping, and had obtained several outfits that say "I'm older than you, but not so old that my pants get pulled up to my chest." but also said "Because I am older than you, I will not try and dress like you, but I will look cute, dammit!" and so I was ready to go!

On the first day of school, I got up right when my alarm went off (at 6:15! An hour that was non-existant to me prior to this), did everything that I needed to do and was running perfectly on time. I got to my first class a couple minutes late, but that was due to the fact that I had not calculated the time it takes to get from my car into the building in my travel time. But I was feeling pretty confident.

After my first class was over, I had (and still have) about two hours to kill between classes, so I headed down to the "commuter's lounge" to eat my lunch. I wasn't even uncomfortable with the fact that I would be dining alone and actually welcomed the chance to get a head start on my reading. But, I made the stupid mistake of trying to text and walk at the same time. As I went down the little flight of TWO WHOLE STEPS, I misjudged my footing and ended up tripping down the last one. I landed flat on my face and hit my head on a table and chairs on the way down. Yes. I am AWESOME! I shook it off, and fortunately for me and my fragile ego, there was only three or four people that saw it. I pretended like it didn't hurt and made the comment "that's what I get for trying to do two things at once" and then sat down. I ended up with a minor bump on the side of my head that hit the chair, and a busted fingernail.

Stellar start to my first day, right?

Like I said, I am OH-SO-AWESOME!


courtney said...

Oh no! Ouuuuuch.

And think, some people text and DRIVE at the same time. Please tell me you're not one of those people! ;)

jen said...

Oh, gosh! I have SO had that day.
But!! Because we are older I think we recover faster. That could be due to the fact that we have better insurance!! Tawanda!!

Anonymous said...

i text and drive. or i used to. until i scared myself. BFF texts and drives. he USED to drink and drive, so i guess we're lucky? or something? haha. just kidding.

anyway, OUCHERS on the embarassing fall. but totally pick yourself up and do a high kick cheri oteri from saturday night live style and you will be fine. :)