Monday, August 18, 2008

A Summary of Summer

Mostly I'm just tired of seeing the snow from a couple of posts down. Seems like eons ago that it was THAT cold. We've been running like crazy people. It's been fabulous. A few points:

Community Ed Baseball - Diva and CJ both had crappy baseball years. Their teams one one game each. CJ does a good job, it just wasn't their year. Diva's team, however, was. . .well. . .it was very obvious that they were very young. Diva had more fun being a cheerleader--weather she was on the field or off the field--than she did actually playing. They were very glad when it was over.

Family Vacation - I had high aspirations for the Stimulus check. We were going to get back home to San Diego. Then the crappy oil cartel had to go all insane and the hop in gas prices kept us close to home. But we still made it to Duluth, which is waaaay up at the top of this state and we are waaay down at the bottom of it. But it was gorgeous and I want to live there now. Don't know how I'd feel about the frigity of the winter (the city is on Lake Superior, so it gets way more snow than we do, courtesy of something called "lake effect snow"). We had tons of fun, and are most likely going to make going up north an annual trip.

School - We're done with our back to school supply shopping. For all three of us. Diva has the same teacher that CJ had in second grade, and CJ has his first male teacher. They are both very excited for school to start. As am I. For them. These children need to be in school because I am seriously on the brink of insanity here. I start school a week from today. Not entirely sure how I feel about that. Maybe if I decide to start blogging more than quarterly, I'll have more thoughts on it.

The Olympics - Are addicting this year. Courtney talked about how great the events have been. I wanted to give poor Alicia Sacramone a big hug after the balance beam incident of the team finals. And that Shawn Johnson is just too cute for words. When you hear her talk, she's just so gracious and sweet. It's nice to see that there are still people in the public eye that it's worth kids to look up to. And that Michael Phelps? Holy hannah! That guy is insane! And also sweet. I just got done reading an article on the NBC Olympics page about a friendship he forged with a kid that eventually succumbed to cancer. That takes a special person. On top of all the medals, to hear that he's like that just makes him even cooler.

Now, on to the important factor of the games. The US may not be winning the most gold medals, but am I the only one noticing that we have the BEST LOOKING athletes at the games? Hooo, damn! That Ryan Lochte is enough to send my little heart into palpitations. And the boys in their tight swimwear? Insanity, I tell you!

So, that's all I've got. Off to watch all the Olympics that I've DVR'd over the past couple of days. Because while these have been the best games we've seen in as long as I can remember, I am the only one in my house with any sort of interest in the games. So, I have to watch them at very strange times.


courtney said...

Awh, Diva won't even watch gymnastics with you? That was my favorite thing about the Olympics when I was a kid. Although, they haven't been showing gymnastics until after MY bedtime, so I guess maybe she's not even awake when they come on! :)

also, on the ryan lochte note: RAWR.


Glamorous Redneck said...

Yeah, when I've taped it, Diva has watched gymnastics & was marginally impressed with the synchronized diving. But I didn't tape any of the good gymnastics because I had to see them LIVE! Morning came far to fast most days last week! lol

Shelli said...

I'm totally with you on the hotness factor of our Olympians. Did you know that Michael also has ADHD? He seems so grounded and like such a good kid. (I'm sounding old, I know.)

I dream of moving to Duluth. Especially for the lake effect snow. I love snow storms. I know, I'm crazy.

BSG said...

oh michael phelps. i am going to marry your hot ass. supposedly, it is a hot MORMON ass. who knew?

one of the girls i work with has eight kids and she is also very ready for school to start. ;) so see? it could be worse. ;)

how much more school do you have left? are you doing online?

i am very excited to see you blogging. keep it up! :)

Glamorous Redneck said...

Shelli, it's not the snow I mind. I like snow too. It's just the minus 800 degree temps that go along with the snow up there. When we were there the last week of June, it got down to 34 degrees at night. Madness, I tell you!

BSG - I had not heard that he had a Mormon ass. Is that an independent ass, or is it in agreement with the rest of his body? ;)