Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It was a beautiful day, much like it is now, only it was eight years ago. The sun was bright in a crystal clear sky. I stood on the front steps of the "big church" in our town, smiling until my face felt like it was going to fall right off of my head.

A little while later, I had a slight panic attack. CB's mom was driving me crazy with questions about making sure I'd done everything that needed to be done. So my mom locked the door. With just her, my very best friend, and myself locked in the family room, it all hit me. I was getting married. I had a child. Life was most certainly NOT going to be what I had dreamed it would.

I recovered, and stood at the back of the church with Glamorous Dad. He whispered that it wasn't too late. He'd give me two tanks of gas to hit the road and never look back. I laughed. Then the doors opened. I stood at the back of my church, holding on to my dad. All my very best friends stood in front, and many of my other friends sat in the pews. It was perfect. Not exactly as I'd dreamed it would be, but close. Was I making the right decision here? Was I sure he was Mr. Right? And then I saw him. Standing there waiting for me. And I realized right then and there that I was THE luckiest girl in the whole world.

Eight years later, as I reflect on everything that day was and everything that we've been through, I realize that it's still true. I have the most perfect man for me. Sure, the relationship hasn't always been perfect, but I was never under the delusion that it would be. But WE are perfect. He's the other half of my soul. We balance each other out. Where he's anal and perfectionist, I'm easygoing and just go with the flow. Where I'm impulsive, he's thoughtful. It works, and it's better than anything I'd ever imagined.

So, happy anniversary to my Country Boy. I love you more than words could ever begin to express.


courtney said...

Congratulations, you two! :)

Stephanie said...

Very sweet! I'm so glad everything worked out for you two! Happy Anniversary (a few days late!)

Big Sky Girl said...

couple things. few actually.

my bff/roommate #1 met dierks's bff this weekend. randomly in a tire shop.

congrats on the anniversary.

thanks for the welcome back wishes over at my place.

i don't wanna be "she who never posts anymore" on your blogroll.

when are you gonna update?!?!

i think that's it. :)

love you carrie!! kisses to pete and the kiddos. ;)

Big Sky Girl said...

i meant that to say "i don't wanna be she who never posts anymore anymore :)" it sounds kinda bitchy how it is now. :)