Friday, March 21, 2008

Hades, Thy Name is Snow

It's supposed to be Spring, right? I mean yesterday my calendar said that it was the vernal Equinox. So why, then am I getting bombarded with inch upon stinking white inch of snow today? It started at about 6 last night and it is still snowing now. CB says that we're supposed to get at least seven inches of the crap. So, the kids and I decided to make the best of it. Only two little children forgot their snowpants at school. Which meant *I* got to have fun in the snow all by myself. And I built a snow man. I call him Word to Your Mutha:Note the tres chic baseball hat cocked to the side cuz it's hot like that. He has since been annihilated by a certain little boy who was repaid with an impromptu water war in the house.

Now I'm just hoping that the plows get out and do their jobs so CB and I can head to civilization and meet a certain Superstar for lunch tomorrow. We're staying in a super nice hotel and I will not have any children with me for two whole days! Well, a day and a half, but still WOOO HOOO! There are margaritas and glasses of wine with my name on them. If we can ever get out of Podunk.


courtney said...

Haha! It's snowing like mad here too! I opted out of driving today, and hopefully I can get outta here early enough tomorrow to meet you for lunch!

MAYBE I can just leave so that I get to St. Cloud AT lunchtime. That would probably work wonderfully.

Let me know what happens with you, and I'll keep you updated on my travels as well!

B said...

Awesome snowman! I hope we're done with snow in my part of the country!

misstressm said...

Maybe I should not tell you that its about 70 degrees here and I went to the beach last night.

I miss the snow. Wanna trade?