Monday, March 31, 2008


Can someone get a hold of Mother Nature? Because I'm pretty sure she missed the memo on this whole global warming thing.

Alternately titled: The Twins baseball season opens today. Someone please explain to me WHY they think they need an outdoor stadium?????


baseballmom said...

No doubt! Our Mariners had hail and snow at their game too--luckily they have a retractable roof and they could close it! Crazy.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Yeah, because nothing says "outdoor stadium" like Minnesota. *shakes head*.

Hope it gets warmer there soon.

Stephanie said...

I'm sooo jealous! Just remember there are people who live down here in the south who haven't seen REAL snow like this in close to 15 years. Ugh...send me at LEAST half of it and I'll be happy! (Well, you can wait until next year now, however.) ;oD

TLC said...

How is it at the end of March you still have snow? I would sue Mother Nature.