Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You Can't Stop the Beat!

Evidently it's movie week here at Glamorous Redneck.

Last night I had a very much deserved Girl's night out to see Hairspray! with one of my very dear friends. It was AWESOME! I had seen the original movie, but it was years ago and so it was like seeing it for the first time. Plus, since it was a movie, then Broadway, and now a movie based on the Broadway show, it was probably different from the first movie too.

The songs were so good and the costumes were to DIE for! Friend and I were contemplating how to make dresses of our own. The voices were amazing, as were the actors.

Afterwards we headed to Applebee's for 1/2 price appetizers and I had a perfect margarita that was. . .well. . .perfect. I didn't get home until midnight and couldn't sleep because the songs just kept running through my head! I really COULDN'T stop the beat! lol

Diva was very determined to find out if it was an OK movie for her to see, so she felt it necessary to wake me up not once. not twice. but THREE TIMES to see if I was awake yet and find out if the movie would be OK. And that was after twice coming in my room to get clothes out of the laundry baskets.

The worst part of all of that is that this is an old house. An old house that doesn't have normal doors. The door to my bedroom has some sort of weird spring thing in the doorknob mechanism. The kids have yet to grasp the art of closing this door (turn knob, push door, hold with foot, unturn knob) so instead of doing it, they will slam the door. And when slamming the door just makes it come open again, they slam it again. And again. Until they slam it so hard it sounds like an A-Bomb went off outside my room and I'm awake for the day. Hmmmm. Maybe they do this on purpose. . .


ValleyGirl said...

Here's hoping you get more sleep tonight!! My girls aren't quite at the stage where they lose sleep because of excitement yet, but it's coming...

jenn said...

I want to see this sooo bad, it looks great and I've heard nothing but good reviews!!!

man, the door slamming is a killer!!