Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We were going to get out of town for a couple of days this past weekend, but I couldn't find anything that wasn't shady for less than $100 and if I'm going to pay that much, it's going to be downtown Minneapolis.

Anyway, it reminded me of staying at hotels with various people for various reasons. There is always a funny story that happens at the hotel, and I was reminded of one in particular.

It was my birthday weekend and some friends and I had headed up to the cities for a concert. We had gotten a really good deal on a hotel that was pretty decent. My mom was along too (seriously, she's the coolest mom EVAH!), and she had made the reservation, so she got the keys and we headed up to the room.

When the four of us walked in, we were surprised that there was only one bed. My mom and another friend quickly laid claim to the bed of course. But I hopped on it too. I was surprised to find two CDs on the bedside table. So, I started to investigate. I also came across some used chapstick and a book in the drawer. "Hmm," I thought "maybe the maids haven't cleaned yet."

Then someone opened the dresser drawer and discovered men's underwear. And in the bathroom there was an electric shaver and various other sundries.

"Aaah! We're in the WRONG ROOM!" Friend screamed. My mom said that she would go down and get it all squared up. But (stupid us!) we stayed IN THE ROOM. Friend 1 really had to use the bathroom, so we hustled her along so that we could get out of there.

Sure enough, just as we were opening the door, there was the guy who belonged in the room. Imagine his surprise when he saw three strange women in his room! We quickly apologized and continued to as we made our way out of his room. After he shut his door, Mom made her way back up and we got inside the correct room, just in time to collapse in fits of laughter. I have never had anything like that happen and we've stayed in a whole lot of hotels!

Then, the next morning, Mom got up to use the shower, only there was no water. None. It turned out that there was a huge water main break somewhere and the entire hotel was out of water. They offered us bottled water with which to brush our teeth. Or we could hop on a bus and get taken to another hotel to shower there.

We elected to use the bus because all of us use lots of hairspray and when one sleeps on a hairspray'd head, one looks quite similar to the bride of Frankenstein in the morning. So imagine four overtired (some slightly hungover) women with hair going every which way climbing onto a bus in their pajamas just to be able to shower.

Luckily, the hotel we were driven to was a Sheraton--which has the most comfortable beds in the whole hotel industry--so I got a little bit more sleep whilst the others were primping and priming. Because while I wear more makeup and styling products than them, I've got it all nailed down to about 15 minutes on a high-maintenance day. The other girls that were along take AN HOUR to get ready. And that's just hair!

Your turn. . .any crazy hotel stories?


ValleyGirl said...

You know, my hotel stays have all been boring and uninteresting. I'm actually a little jealous!!!

baseballmom said...

You know I do! We went to Seaside, Oregon with our good friends and their kids and stayed at our timeshare. It happened to be the weekend of the Corona beach volleyball tournament, and there was a cool Corona beach volleyball sign RIGHT BELOW our balcony. One night when everyone was sleeping, my friend Ed and I went out to the deck, he climbed over the railing and ripped the sign off...it was taped on so it was SO LOUD. We were laughing our asses off, and trying to be quiet so no one would wake up. We take the sign on trips with us and hang it up to remind us, and because we are dorks. The same trip, Ed decided to cook bacon in the oven (wtf?), and forgetting that it was greasy from the bacon, we turned on the oven for pizza. The SMOKE was incredible, and we set off the smoke alarm. The front desk called to see if we were okay, and said that we needed to clear out the smoke or the sprinklers would go off, and the whole building would have to be evacuated, so Ed's wife and I were fanning the smoke alarm with towels, and opening all of the doors so we could finish cooking our pizzas. Needless to say, we didn't cook anything else in the oven! It was quite the adventurous vacation.

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