Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The snow storm is over, and we have cleared off most of the sidewalk. Which of course means that it will be 50 by the weekend and all this sparkly white stuff will melt BACK onto the sidewalks, turning them into one long ice skating rink. But it’s totally fine because that means that spring is almost here. Which means that soon the thermometer will jump back into my comfort range (70-85 degrees).

There’s been lots of things going on, but I’ve just had no motivation to blog whatsoever. But today, my boss is out of town for the week and my coworker is gone for the rest of this week, so I have NO WORK! Which means that you are all going to be bored to tears by my updating!

-We had our 50’s themed Valentine’s party. It was super fun! CB and I won first prize in the costume contest. He was dressed like Johnny Cash, and I had my poodle skirt, a shirt with a rhinestone C on it and black cat-eye glasses. I’ve only received one picture of us so far, but the lighting is bad in the restaurant and it was from a disposable camera. But if I think of it, I’ll scan it in. Hopefully I’ll get some better ones from my friend that planned it all.

-The digital camera is fantastic! We’ve taken more pictures in the past two weeks than we have in the past two years! When the first snowstorm hit, CB and I went driving around (seriously, this just makes me feel ancient. Because that’s what all the farmers do when the storm’s a comin’) and took pictures of the Minnesota River and some fun little landmarks we didn’t know existed. I was reminded of how truly beautiful this area is. If only the people’s attitudes matched the pristine landscape. . .

-We’ve been sledding like maniacs lately.

-On Sunday we went to another town to go see a guy named Rockie Lynne. He is a country singer that I hadn’t really heard of (but after he started singing, I realized I’ve heard a couple of his songs on the radio), and was in the area for a VFW benefit concert. We’ve got connections, so we scored VIP tickets. Which didn’t really mean anything other than we got to be inside the auditorium during sound check. But I can’t even begin to tell you how nice Rockie was. I had Diva and CJ (their first concert. Sniff. I’m so proud) with me, and after he was done with the sound check, he came down and talked to us. He asked Diva if the music was too loud and when she told him it was, he explained to her that they turn it up louder then because they want to make sure it doesn’t get any louder than that. Then throughout the concert, he kept checking with her to make sure she was doing OK. Diva had a little crush and kept staring at him with this star-crossed look in her eye. She also got a signed picture that says “[Diva], You can do anything! Love, Rockie” and she had a death grip on it for the rest of the night. We went right to the store after the concert and picked up a frame for it and she’s proudly got it on display on their craft table.

CJ also cleaned up. We were talking to all of the band members after the concert and the drummer ended up giving CJ a drumhead signed by everyone. He thought that was the greatest thing in the whole world and brought it for show and tell on Monday.

They both gave Rockie a big hug after the concert. I do believe that it was a life changing event for the two of them. CJ wants to grow his hair out so he looks like Rockie. Diva cannot wait to see him again.

She also thinks she’s ready for the big time concerts, but I told her that not everyone is this nice when you go to a show. But they should be! Rockie was so gracious and thankful that everyone had come to the concert and must have thanked everyone a million times. I wish you would see more of that. After all, aren’t the people in the crowd the people that are making the superstars all their money anyway?? I think you see it a lot more in country and rock than you do any other genre. Mostly because 90% of those guys have had to put in the long hours working their butts off in smoky dive bars before finally making it to the big time. Not like these pop princesses who just have to look good in a skirt and have a marginal voice.

All right, I guess that’s enough rambling for one day. I would say that I’m going to try and start posting more regularly again, but the last time I said that I didn’t post for another week, so I’m just not going to go there!


jenn said...

wow, that is so cool. I've always wanted to get a drumstick, or a guitar pick from a musician like that.

way super cool. I'm glad it's warming up, now that you've done all that sledding you can move right into swimming.

Friglet said...

How cool for your kids! They will always remember that!

Jennifer said...

Yay! No work! We've barely had any snow in the Boston area this year, and my daughter has been missing the sledding. I do like the snow, but I have to admit it's been nice not having to dig out the car too often this winter. Hope you warm up soon!

Trace said...

I use to love it when the boss was away... hehe... but alas, those days are over and I work for a much larger company. :(

Webmiztris said...

it's nice ot hear about friendly musicians. a lot of guys, even in cover bands, are total egomaniacs. I just want to punch them all in the face!

Toni-Marie said...

That's great to know that type of musician still exists, these days.
I was lucky enough as a kid to have had that with Slim Dusty and Keith Urban, back when he was young and playing in Slim's band.
They used to get me up on stage, and come into my parents diner for lunch. It was good to feel like your support was valued.

shopper said...

I was crushing on him last year about this time. But he sorta went *poof* and disappeared. I'm glad to hear that he was a nice guy, that makes me like him more. So many of them aren't very nice. I'm glad you all had a fun time. ;)