Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And just like that it's all over.

We had a very busy--but fabulous!--Christmas. On Friday night, CJ & Diva spent the night at my mom's house. CB made me a fantastic steak dinner and we spent the evening at home in blissful peace and quiet.

Then on Saturday, we went to get the kiddos, then saw Night at the Museum. It was AWESOME! So funny! And for a nerd like me who LOVES museums, it was heaven to see my kids so excited about it. Then we came home and wrapped the rest of the presents for extended family and opened our presents from each other.

Sunday we went to church, then it was up to CB's parents' house for lunch. A glorious lunch of turkey and smashed potatoes and corn and all sorts of other goodies. We opened presents there and CJ & Diva got this really cool marble labrynth thingie that they've spent countless hours building and rebuilding. I got a really pretty horse hair pot (picture follows below) and some moolah. Then we came back to town and went over to my dad's house. Diva got one of those new My Scene Barbies where you can push a button on their back and their facial expression changes. This sent me into fits of giggles because there is an expression that left my dad and I calling her Oral Annie. Seriously. Go to a toy department and look at one of these dolls. It's hilarious!

Monday we went to my mom's for lunch. Another declicious lunch of honeyed ham, pecan sweet potatoes, and many other goodies. There I got a bottle of the Olive Garden salad dressing, new pajamas, and Guitar Hero! It is the most fun game in the history of forever. And as long as I keep it on the "Easy" setting, I rock the house on most of the songs. I've been wanting it forever, since it's as close to being a rockstar as I'll ever be.

Yesterday I went with my Sister in Law after Christmas shopping. But not just ANY after Christmas shopping, we went to the big one--the Mall of America. It was PACKED, but as long as you stayed out of the kid-related stores, it was fairly tolerable. I scored some awesome clothes deals for the kids & me. Then went to Target where I got a pretty new tablecloth and charger for the center of my table:
It's pretty plain and simple right now (that's the horsehair vase in the middle), but I LOVE the colors. And it's not so "Christmas-y" that I can't keep it on there until spring time.

Also, since I'm posting pictures, here's our pretty little tree with the lights I don't particularly care for:
And a closeup of the stupid star that is beautiful but WILL. NOT. STAY. STRAIGHT. :
So there you have it. My Christmas weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful time as well!


Mr. Fabulous said...

We had a very busy--but fabulous!--Christmas

I was there? My memory is getting worse...

Anonymous said...

Brave, brave woman. I NEVER brave MOA during December.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful christmas...and I really love that table cloth!

friglet said...

Merry late Christmas! It sounds like you had a great one filled with lots of yummy food. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see Night at the Museum SO BAD.

And guitar hero is indeed the best game on the face of the planet. :) have fun with that!

Glad your Christmas was merry!

connie said...

Happy New Year !

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

Elleoz said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I am going to have to try that Guitar Hero game. I have heard lots of good things about it.

I went no where near a mall after Christmas. I had to endure the day after Thanksgiving and that was enough for me. :)