Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mini Vans are PUNK!

So, most of you are aware of the whole Mini Van debacle of '07. If you're not, I own one. It's tragic and I never thought I would, but I totally do. So there.

Anyway, CB and I have been laughing about it a lot lately because, well, we have some very odd taste in music. When asking the kids what CD to put in, we most often get a response asking for this:

Or this:

And when the hubs and I are in the van by ourselves, he usually puts in someone like this:

Why have we been laughing, you ask? Well, it's because I have this hilarious image of people who look and think like people who own mini vans are "supposed" to look gasping at us in horror as we drive down the street, windows down and one of the above artists blaring throughout the vehicle. Because, surprisingly, my van has a kick-ass stereo system!

So, between the music we play, my uber-cool pink turtle on the back end, and the fact that CB usually dresses like he could be up on stage with one of those people, we have turned the fam-mobile into the punk-mobile. And so maybe--JUST MAYBE--I don't hate it quite as much as I could. . .


ValleyGirl said...

You mini-van is so much cooler than mine!! All we ever hear is The Lion King or Aladdin soundtracks! My husband refuses to be seen in it -- I'm surprised he actually rides in the front when he has to!

Jennifer McK said...

OMG!!! I can totally relate to this. My five year old's favorite? Seether and Linkin Park. His brother is mellower and likes Robert Cray and Clint Black.
I'm just as likely to play Creed or Evanescence or Puddle Of see what I mean.
And it might be ABBA as well. LOL.

Shelli said...

I can have anything from Josh Groban, to Garth Brooks, to Snow Patrol, to Hinder on my stereo at any given time. I like it all. Any music that has lyrics that I can sing to. Loud. We are the new moms of the millenium, we don't have to be what anyone else thinks we are, we can be whatever we want to be.

ValleyGirl said...

PS. I just saw this video on someone else's blog and thought you'd enjoy it!!

Nadine said...

Hi. I'm dropped by after seeing your profile on 5 mins for moms. I liked the name. Your design is very nice also. I got a kick out of this post. Nice job.