Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Sorry (again)

I feel like I’ve been meeting myself coming and going lately. And what’s the worst of it is that I haven’t really been doing anything at all. Not to mention that fact that I have had absolutely no desire to blog whatsoever. But, I did say that I was going to gush about the hubs taking up guitar, so for the few people who still stop by here (I promise I will be getting around to all of your blogs again very soon!), here’s the new reason I am hopelessly in lust with my husband.

It all started this past summer. A guy from church doesn’t like playing bass guitar, so he is loaning CB his because CB would like to learn it. Then CB got really busy at work and didn’t have time to play. Then he got in this ridiculous funk (seriously, I was plotting his murder he was such an ass) that lasted until last month. Now, he’s out of the funk and (thanks in part to the new method book, music stand and guitar strap I bought him for Christmas. Push gently, people. It works every damn time.) back to playing three or four times a week. Two weeks ago it finally clicked with him enough that he feels confident to play with a group from church when they play at another church next month. I’m hoping that after this little gig (hee hee), he’ll be confident enough to play at our church.

The whole process has been really funny because he is SUCH a perfectionist (and I am not. Which is why opposites attract is an entirely true statement). He was under the impression that for him to be able to play, he needed to automatically be kick ass like Fieldy (from the band Korn) or the bassist in Green Day. I was constantly reminding him that this is these peoples’ JOB and that they have spent a good five years (at least) learning and improving. Once he got past that, he picked up the guitar and has been going strong ever since. It would be sweet if he could get to that super-pro status eventually, but I’m just happy with the fact that he’s doing it at all.

Because there is nothing hotter than a guitarist. Nothing. At least to me. Maybe it’s because I think of guitarists as the “bad boys” of the music world. You know, too cool to play an orchestra instrument, so they go back behind the music shop and buy a guitar with their own money (because we all know that their mothers DO NOT approve). Plus, there’s the whole good with their hands thing. . . .

And girls that play guitar are automatically cool in my book. I want to learn so bad, but when I read the lesson books, the stuff that I read does not compute with my fingers. Nevermind the fact that I have tiny hands and can barely reach the fourth string, let alone all five.

It’s all good though, I’ll just let CB be the famous one, and I’ll sit around figuring out good ways to spend all his money!


Anonymous said...

unless you're playing a fancy schmancy bass, they only have four strings, and a real guitar has six... whatcha talkin' about glam? ;)

i've been trying to learn to play guitar forever but i'm so impatient with it. why should it take me so long to learn it when i can already play piano and oboe and sing like it's no work at all? ya know? yeah...

what i heart most of all is a fiddle player... but that's no surprise to anyone...

Elleoz said...

I bought a guitar a few months ago, took lessons and played for a month religiously, and haven't picked it up since. But I really want to learn. I too find it frustrating since I can play multiple other instruments.

Guess that's why it is good to start things like this when you are young.

But someday I will learn to play guitar damn it! FYI~ electric guitars have smaller fretboards so it is easier for small hands ;)

Anonymous said...

"I’ll just let CB be the famous one, and I’ll sit around figuring out good ways to spend all his money!"

I like it, sign me up!

jenn said...

I bought a guitar several years ago when I was still working for a music store. I got a killer discount and just couldn't resist. I should probably sell it though, because I've never learned to play and it's just collecting dust in the closet. *sigh* maybe some day.

rockers are hot, there's not doubt about that!

Toni-Marie said...

I recently went and bought myself an electric guitar, but had to leave it when I moved, so now I'm stuck without anything to practice on until someone decides to drive here with it in the back of their ute.
I really miss my guitar.
Sorry totally random comment.

Anonymous said...

LOVE men who play guitar.
*whispers* shhhh don't tell my hubby. We CANNOT afford another hobby.
What with duck decoys, shot guns and hunting licenses, buying a guitar would put us in the poor house!
And of course, my book obsession has NOTHING to do with it.