Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cleaning out the cobwebs

and making my way through the layers of dust to see if anyone is still out there?? I've officially finished the last day of classes for this semester, and I'm relieved beyond belief! Finally finished with my generals, it's going to be intellectually stimulating Lit classes and super fun Education classes from here on out.

I found this semester especially trying. One where I was forced to defend my beliefs and convictions on several different occasions. Frustrating, yes, but also exhilirating because I'm old and don't care what grade I get if it comes to readings that go against everything that I believe.

We've made it through another year, this one without any major tragedies. I found it funny because I haven't had time to blog in forever, and this summer seemed to be one full of interesting blog fodder. Facebook updates have been my connection to my interweb friends as of late. I can't seem to get my mind wrapped around twitter, and still don't feel like I have anything entirely interesting to share lately. But I'm going to try. I miss the blogosphere. I miss interacting with all of you.

So, if you've still got me in your reader (another thing that I can't seem to understand), and you don't mind bearing with some mundane musings, I'm back. At least until next semester.


Anonymous said...

oh. glam. i miss you. a lot. and little happy surprise posts here and there are so totally worth keeping you in my reader :)

SO good to be done with generals, right?

raeleighjo/bigskygirlmt said...

so happy you're back. and yes, you're totally still in my reader! :)

Glamorous Redneck said...

OMG YES! I am so glad that I never have to take another science class for as long as I live! :)

Thanks for the welcome! You two are why I just can't stop blogging...I'd miss you waaay too much!