Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lack of sleep is SO not Glamorous

I think that the sleep thing is an issue for all of us. Because while the children are getting up at 5:00 in the morning, I am laying in bed at that same time, tossing and turning trying to get just two more hours eeked in. I think that the whole lack of sleep is a major contributor to my feeling like I want to just crawl in a corner and cry everytime something frustrating comes up with the kids.

Maybe it's the whole sleeping in a different place thing for them. I've been having trouble going to sleep. And I shouldn't be. I've never had trouble. My dad's bed is one of those Sleep Number (My number is 45) beds and every other time I've stayed, I've crawled into the thing and gone right to sleep. Only I haven't stayed here since the Big Breakup of '05.

See, now it's not my parents' bed. It's my dad's bed. My dad who has begun dating again. Which means ladyfriends that have stayed the night. Which also means there is most likely some. . .stuff. . .going on in that bed with women that I don't know (I've only met the official Girlfriend. There have been others before her) and that skeeves me out.

Add to that that last night I had a dream about The Ex and the same sort of . . .stuff. . .which made me so mad at myself that I couldn't get back to sleep even if I had wanted to and it all combines for one VERY tired Glamorous Redneck.

I HATE those dreams! You know, the vivid. . .stuff. . .dreams either with people you know or don't know (and usually AREN'T your significant other). They make it so I can't sleep at night because I feel horrible for even thinking those things in my sub-conscious mind. I know there's nothing I can do to control them and I also know that CB has them too (because HE TELLS ME about them. Seriously, people in relationships, there is such a thing as too much honesty. Some things are better left unsaid), but none of that helps with the guilt that follows me around for the rest of the day.

How about for you? Do you get all ickified by those dreams? Or do you just let it slide as one of those stupid things our psyche uses to drive us mad?


ValleyGirl said...

We can't stop those thoughts from periodically popping into our heads -- even while we're awake -- but we can sure decide how long we'll entertain them there. I can see how an awkward, possibly painful, situation is weighing heavily on your mind and how that might be affecting your thoughts, though. I hope you'll be able to focus on other things and comfortably enjoy your visit!

MisstressM said...

I get these vivid dreams about a man I once dated. He gave the most amazing hugs and kisses. If I could say I miss anything about him it would be his hugs and kisses. I HATE dreaming about him.

Molly said...

I usually have the weirdest dreams and always have (my mom will vouch!) but I did once have a very delicious dream about kissing David Duchovney (XFiles era) and it was so damn good I woke up in the morning and felt like I could taste it on my lips! Hubby #1 was not impressed....maybe I should stop sharing everything?!

Rogers Place said...

Followed you here from your previous blog. Still much enjoyed reading.

Jennifer McK said...

Um, I have weird ex dreams. But not about...stuff.
I have a recurring nightmare where my ex comes to my door. He's dying and apparently, we're taking him in for his last days.
I've told my husband. He said not to worry because he'd NEVER go for that. LOL.
THOSE are the kind of dreams I have. I'd rather dream about David.

the superstar said...

i had a weird dream about... stuff... the other night, about an EIGHTEEN year old kid I work with. EIGHTEEN. At least I picked a legal one. sheesh. And the worst part about it is that I often don't remember my dreams right after I wake up, and sometimes I don't remember them at all if nothing triggers them... well I didn't remember this dream until I got to work and THERE HE WAS and all of a sudden I was turning a hundred different shades of red and I kind of wanted to run to the bathroom and puke! ha.

I hate those dreams.